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New Tools for RecoveryMind Training

The latest tool for RecoveryMind Training is a simple interactive chatbot. It is simple and prone to a few errors, but it will help you if you are new to this site and want to learn more about RecoveryMind Training. Click on this link: Chatbot for RecoveryMind Training to check it out!

RecoveryMind Training is a way of understanding addiction that is steeped in science and at the same time respectful of the human condition. The main text is titled RecoveryMind Training - A Neuroscientific Approach to Treating Addiction. More recently, we released the RecoveryMind Training Skills Manual. Dr. Earley's Skills Manual uses the concepts and teachings in the main text, providing clear directions that help the clinician implement and operationalize RecoveryMind Training into day-to-day addiction care. Each Domain of care haRMT SkillsManualBookCover noBkgrnd2s worksheets that the clinician assigns to their clients or patients, as needed. The worksheets provide a gentle but steady exploration of each person's road to recovery. When purchased together and studied with diligence, patients and their providers work side by side to develop a recovery plan that is tailored to a specific client's recovery needs.

In describing the book, Dr. Earley said, “This book was decades in the making and emerged out of a deep-seated conviction that addiction is a brain disease that produces wholesale changes in drives, intent, self-control, learning memory, and even one’s world view.” RecoveryMind Training combines the latest brain science with effective psychotherapy techniques and a twelve-step philosophy. This information is collected into a cohesive treatment system with clear realizable goals. It emphasizes that recovery from the depths of addiction is a long journey. At times, the journey is difficult but unexpected joys occur along the way. 

The central tenet of the book states that when an individual develops addiction, the illness hijacks existing brain circuits for its own purpose. The collection of all of these changes in brain functioniRMT OpenBookng is called AddictBrain. To develop a robust and long-lasting recovery, someone who is afflicted needs to retrain his or her mind. This sum of all needed retraining is called RecoveryMind. To get to RecoveryMind, we use RecoveryMind Training.

AddictBrain and RecoveryMind are radical concepts. They may strike you as exaggerated or even disturbing. The treatment concepts described in this text are aimed at individuals who suffer from a significant, progressive addiction disorder. Experience has shown that once such an individual develops a serious substance or process addiction, any quick or simple approach minimizes the severity of the situation and prolongs the agony. For such individuals, a less radical approach may eventually prove to be lethal. The system of care described in RecoveryMind Training produces lifelong results and reconnects the individual to his or her humanity.

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