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Folder Books


This folder contains a chapter from The Cocaine Recovery Book, several white papers on addiction related topics and the medication guide for recovery, written by Drs. Merkin and Earley.

Folder Lectures


The Lecture Handouts folder contains Adobe Acrobat files of some of Dr. Earley’s lectures.  As a rule we do not post all of his training material. However, from time to time specific lecture handouts are placed here for further study.  If you find the material contained in the handouts informative, you may want to have Dr. Earley come and train at your facility. Send a message byclicking on the Contact Us button at the top right of our web page.

Folder Office Files

Office Files

This document category contains forms and documents related to Dr. Earley's practice of addiction medicine.

Folder Papers


This folder contains papers Dr. Earley references during training or discussed in our blogs. We have placed these papers here because they are helpful to understand selected issues or topics. You may want to search here if you have asked during a training about a particular topic, and we cited a piece of research. Each of the papers have relevant titles that should help you select them for their content.