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This folder contains papers Dr. Earley references during training or discussed in our blogs. We have placed these papers here because they are helpful to understand selected issues or topics. You may want to search here if you have asked during a training about a particular topic, and we cited a piece of research. Each of the papers have relevant titles that should help you select them for their content.


pdf Definition of Addiction

This document contains the shorter and longer definition of addiction as defined by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. These definitions provide a comprehensive view and understanding of the complex nature of addiction.

pdf Injectable Naltrexone in Health Professionals - Abstract

This abstract describes open label research with health care professionals using injectable naltrexone. This is a preliminary study, that is limited by a small study size and open label design. None-the-less, it shows the benefit of this medication in this population.

pdf Propofol Use Disorder: The Hidden Addiction

This paper summarizes our current clinical understanding of propofol use disorder.