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The Lecture Handouts folder contains Adobe Acrobat files of some of Dr. Earley’s lectures.  As a rule we do not post all of his training material. However, from time to time specific lecture handouts are placed here for further study.  If you find the material contained in the handouts informative, you may want to have Dr. Earley come and train at your facility. Send a message by clicking here.


pdf Physician Health Programs and Drug Courts

This is a handout from an important presentation by Robert DuPont, M.D. He describes the effectiveness of Physician Health Programs and compares them to several enlightened Drug Courts. From these two models we can learn quite a bit about effective treatment of addiction.

pdf The Assessment of Addiction and the ASAM PPC-2R

This file is the handout from a presentation to the ABAM Board review course on 15 October 2010. The American Board of Addiction Medicine certifies that Addiction Physicians are qualified to evaluate and treat patients who suffer from addictive disease. 

This handout is from a talk that Dr. Earley and Dr. Kolodner presented at the review course for physicians who are preparing for the ABAM Board certification examination.

pdf The Psychological Effects of Addiction

This is the text of a talk by Tom Butcher, Ph.D. Tom was a pioneer in the treatment of addiction and a mentor to many of us in the field. Please hear him give this presentation by streaming it from our website. Access this audio presentation by clicking on the Media then Audio menu items of this site.