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This folder contains a chapter from The Cocaine Recovery Book, several white papers on addiction related topics and the medication guide for recovery, written by Drs. Merkin and Earley.


pdf ASAM Public Policies - Addiction Among Professionals

ASAM Public Policies - Addiction Among Professionals


In 2010, the Physician's Health Committee of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) embarked on a complete rewrite of existing policies related to addiction among professionals. These public policies characterized addiction in professionals, its treatment, long-term monitoring, and the importance of balanced, compassionate public policy to addiction among professionals, especially health care providers. In the spring of 2011, this group public policies was officially sanctioned by ASAM. I was privileged to be among the five authors of this important project.

Addiction treatment in professionals, especially health care professionals encompasses the most state of the art care. Successes in professionals’ treatment should be the blueprint for all addiction treatment in the United States.

This download contains all 11 existing public policies in their entirety. For more information about ASAM and its public policy procedure, consult the ASAM website: www.ASAM.org

pdf Chapter 5 of the Cocaine Recovery Book

This is chapter three from Dr. Earley's classic book on Cocaine Addiction. Originally published in 1991, the book describes the dilemma of cocaine addiction, the traps cocaine addicts fall into and, most importantly, a way out. Designed to be used as part of a larger addiction recovery program, this book gently guides the addicted patient through the course of recovery. Dr. Earley has a companion text The Cocaine Recovery Workbook that provides meaningful exercises for a solid recovery.

If you find this chapter useful, you may want to purchase the entire book. It is available for purchase online by clicking here. Please contact us directly for bulk orders.

pdf Medication Guide for a Safe Recovery

Medication Guide for a Safe Recovery

Many people who suffer from addiction get back into trouble with their addictive disease because they unwittingly use medications that "wake up the sleeping dragon" -- their addictive disease. It is the responsibility of all recovering individuals and for their physicians and therapist to understand the danger in various prescribed drugs and over-the-counter medications pose to recovering individuals. Prepared by several experts in the field, this invaluable guide meets this need.

This is the latest revision (Version 1.7, March 2014) of Dr. Earley's Medication Guide used by thousands of recovering individuals across the globe. It has been hailed as "An Invaluable Tool for the Recovering Addict or Alcoholic" This version removes typographical errors and improves formating. If you currently have a version of the Medication Guide that is less than 1.7, please discard it and download the latest version which is Revision 1.7.

pdf Problem Physicians: A National Perspective

This report, published in the late 1990s, delineates illness and behavioral that physicians might encounter in their lifetime. Using a categorization system developed by G. Douglass Talbott, M.D., the authors of this manuscript describe each problem area, interventions to correct the problem, and suggest reactions by the medical board to ensure public safety. Although the manuscript is somewhat out of date, it contains many pearls of wisdom compiled into one valuable resource.

pdf The Science of Addiction

The Science of Addiction

This introductory pamphlet published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse is a fine introduction to the science of addiction. It describes the latest research, illustrates why some people become addicted and others do not, and other mysteries of addiction in a balanced readable format.