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Information about Dr. Earley's Office

Dr. Earley has a new office in Atlanta. The building is on 675 Seminole Avenue. He has joined his wife in her practice on Seminole. Dr. Earley's company, Earley Consultancy has been providing training, psychotherapy and consultation services for over 28 years. His wife Wanda Faurie, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist with specialties in addiction treatment, couples work and Imago Relationship Therapy. 

front view 2 highland buildingEarley Consultancy, L.L.C.

Offices with Wanda Faurie, Ph.D.

The Highland Building

675 Seminole Ave., Suite 108

Atlanta, Georgia 30307

Free Parking is available on the street but is limited; you may need to park a block or more away. There is a paid parking lot directly across the street from the office.  At the front of the building is a key pad near the door. You must have the access code to get in the building, so make sure you get the building access code from us before you arrive! Once you are in the building, turn left, Suite 108 is on your left. Dr. Earley's practice voice line is 404-492-7669, fax is 855-344-7918.

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