The ASAM Criteria

The People behind the ASAM Criteria

The American Society of Addiction Medicine believes everyone who has a need should be able to obtain treatment for their addictive illness. The addiction treatment industry started with disorganized and confusion. To meet both these problems, ASAM fostered the development of the ASAM Patient Placement Criteria. For More infomation about the history of the PPC, click here.

Many people have worked to make the PPC possible. Some of these people are described below.

davidML2 David Mee-Lee is the editor of the third version of the ASAM Patient Placement Criteria (PPC-2R). His has been the prime mover behind the PPC for most of his career. For more information about Dr. Mee-Lee, click here.

Three other individuals formed the core team in the development of the paper version of the PPC-2R, Gerald Shulman, M.A., David Gastfriend, M.D. and Marc Fishman, M.D.  Dr. Gastfriend spent much of his career in validating the PPC through clinical trials.

JerrysPic gastfriend marc_fishman
Gerald Shulman, M.A. David Gastfriend, M.D. Marc Fishman, M.D.





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