The MPARI Assessment

Are you looking for more information on the Medical Personnel Reentry Inventory (MPARI)?  If so, you should head over to our sister site: Earley Consultancy. If you want to more about the MPARI, read on and then head over there!

The MPARI is standardized assessment tool that is currently under development. A group physicians with extensive experience in the care of medical professionals gathered late in 2009 to discuss the timing of work reentry for healthcare workers. We agreed that medical personnel who develop addiction, due to issues of public safety, needed a tool to assess their readiness to return to work. The result of about a year of work is the first version of the MPARI. We want to stress that the MPARI is still in the early stages of its development. It has been designed by expert consensus and, as such, has not been validated. However, we believe it is a good start. We hope to expand the scope of the tool over the next several years and have planned to complete web-based assessment software to ease its use. If you would like to join our project, come visit us at this link: Earley Consultancy.

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