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Dilemmas in the Treatment of Addicted Professionals

Dennis Miller from BHC Journal interviewed Dr. Earley on the 10th of February 2009. The content of the interview arose from one of Dr. Earley's two talks at the 2009 SECAD Conference. This brief audio interview delves into the dilemmas in the treatment of Professionals who suffer from addictive disease. Alcoholism and drug addiction occur in the physician population at about the same rate as they do in the population overall. But beyond that, almost everything about addiction in professionals is unique. From the more serious risks an impaired physician may pose while working under the influence, to the distinct types of drugs abused, to the challenges posed by treating such highly driven professionals, the addicted or alcoholic physician does best when treated using a carefully tailored approach. The good news is that when intervention, diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management are done right, the recovery rate among this population is well above the norm.

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