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Close to Home

In 1998, I had the pleasure of working with the legendary journalist Bill Moyers. Bill and Judith Moyers have long had a passion for documenting about the wonder of the human body and spirit. My time spent with the Moyers and their fine crew of journalists, filmmakers and technicians was one of the highlights of my working life.

Close to Home is a five part series that spans current research and public policy and provides a portrait of the personal devastation of addiction. One episode focuses on the treatment of addiction. Our treatment efforts were featured in the third of the five part series. This episode was called Changing Lives. You may read part of the transcript from my interview with Bill Moyers by clicking on this link.  The series (like everything the Moyer's team produces) is excellent. The five DVDs provide an excellent review of the many aspects of addiction from the science, treatment and politics of addiction. Training programs, treatment centers, and schools should include this series in their education. If you would like to purchase the series, click on this link.

The series Close to Home is a wonderful teaching tool for everyone from high school students to trained health care professionals. In our travels, we can come to your educational center and work with the videos to provide training for your college, university or other education setting. Contact us through the web to find out more.

Here is a a selection from Close to Home—my interview about addiction with Bill Moyers.

Click on the play button to begin the video. If you cannot see a video player above, click here for more information.

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