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Are you interested in learning more about RecoveryMind Training?

Dr. Earley is available for additional education in RecoveryMind Training. He routinely speaks across the United States in this systematic, compassionate and measurable treatment system. We are in a new era of science-based addiction care. During this transition, it is becoming evident that addiction must be treated using a chronic, tapering care model, instead of today's acute care system. RecoveryMind Training is a specific process that addresses multiple facets of this very complex illness and provides a robust path that engenders acceptance and deep insight into the process of recovery.

Here are some of the common educational modules we have given over the past two years:

  • A one to two-hour introduction to RecoveryMind Training.
  • A half-day introduction commonly provided to therapists or treatment programs who want a more in depth understanding of how to implement this RecoveryMind Training.
  • A four-day intensive introduction to RecoveryMind Training that prepares therapists and centers for a deeper introduction.
  • A repeated training, several days per month, followed by ongoing staff supervision in RecoveryMind Training.

If you are interested in learning more about RecoveryMind Training, click here to send us an email.

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